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Vintage Vignettes: Celebrating the Art of Wine Service with a Classic Framed Poster

Sale price$143.61
Size:45x60 cm / 18x24″

Add a touch of sophistication to any space with our "Vintage Vignettes" metal framed poster, capturing the timeless essence of a sommelier's service. This artwork is the perfect homage to the ritual and reverence of sparkling wine presentation, making it an exquisite selection for those who appreciate the fine art of wine culture.

Premium Museum-Quality Matte Paper: Each image is meticulously printed on museum-quality matte paper, chosen for its ability to reproduce images crisply and without glare, ensuring that the classic scene is portrayed with the depth and detail it deserves.

Elegant Metal Frame: The poster is encased in a sleek metal frame, adding a modern edge to the vintage print. This combination of old and new brings a balanced aesthetic to any room, from a professional tasting room to a cozy home bar.

Assembly Details: Please note that to maintain the integrity of the artwork and frame during shipment, this piece does not come ready to hang. We ensure a secure delivery by sending the frame and poster separately. However, assembly is straightforward, and we provide all the necessary components for a quick and easy setup, allowing you to display your new art piece with pride and ease.

Where to Display:

  • Wine Cellars and Tasting Rooms: Enhance the ambiance where fine wines are stored and savored.
  • Dining Establishments: Provide a backdrop that speaks to the quality and history of your wine service.
  • Hospitality Venues: Offer guests a visual taste of the rich tradition associated with wine hospitality.
  • Private Collections: For enthusiasts and collectors, this piece is a fitting addition to a curated selection of wine-related art.

Invite the legacy of wine culture into your space with "Vintage Vignettes," a statement piece that elegantly reflects the sophistication and artistry of sommelier service.

Image by Everett Collection / Shutterstock