Silhouette of Elegance: Wine Glass Sticker - SOMM DIGI
Silhouette of Elegance: Wine Glass Sticker - SOMM DIGI


Silhouette of Elegance: Wine Glass Sticker

Sale price$4.85
Size:2" × 2"

Lifestyle Appeal: This sleek sticker brings a touch of sophistication to your gear, perfect for the modern wine lover. It’s a stylish statement that pairs well with any item, echoing your refined taste.

Easy to Enjoy: Effortlessly chic, this sticker applies easily, giving your devices an instant upgrade. It's all about simplicity and style, making it a must-have for anyone who appreciates a smart, minimalist design.


  • Strong adhesive for a firm hold on surfaces like laptops and cellars.
  • Resistant to water and light, keeping the design crisp and clear.
  • Elegant black and white design that complements any color scheme.
  • A classy way to celebrate your love for wine in your everyday life.

Just the Right Touch: This sticker is just the thing for those who prefer their accessories to reflect their passion for wine subtly. It doesn't shout; it whispers sophistication and pairs perfectly with the understated elegance of a well-curated life.