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The Femme Brooche

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Grace your sommelier suit with a touch of vineyard-inspired elegance. Our Grape Cluster Brooches are the perfect emblem for the woman whose expertise turns wine tasting into an art form.

Each brooch in a bouquet of colors from deep purple to lustrous pearl complements female sommeliers' refined attire. The radiant crystals and polished pearls form each grape, reflecting the light and capturing the rich hues of wine varieties. Adorn your lapel with these gems to add a personal and professional flair that whispers your love for the craft.

  • Versatile Style: With a range of colors, select a brooch that pairs beautifully with any sommelier suit, whether you're hosting a tasting or leading a wine seminar.
  • Refined Craftsmanship: Each brooch is meticulously crafted, featuring a cluster of pearls or crystals that mirror the diverse palette of wine grapes.
  • Conversational Piece: Not just a brooch—each piece is a conversation starter, inviting inquiries and compliments that open the door to share your sommelier stories.
  • Perfect Size: These brooches add a subtle yet striking accent to your professional ensemble by measuring just the right dimensions to be noticeable without overwhelming.
  • Durable Elegance: Built to last, the high-quality materials and secure fastening mean your brooch will maintain its charm through countless wine events and encounters.