Autumn Harvest: Vineyard's Bounty Sticker - SOMM DIGI
Autumn Harvest: Vineyard's Bounty Sticker - SOMM DIGI


Autumn Harvest: Vineyard's Bounty Sticker

Sale price$3.95
Size:2" × 2"

Lifestyle Appeal: Celebrate the richness of the harvest season all year round. This sticker brings the vibrant colors and fullness of ripe grapes to your items, encapsulating the joyful essence of autumn in the vineyard.

Easy to Love: Adhering to this sticker is as simple as picking a grape from the bunch—no fuss, just a beautiful image that sticks smoothly and peels off cleanly when ready for a change.


  • Adds a burst of harvest warmth to any item.
  • Made with quality materials to resist wear and tear.
  • Perfectly captures the texture and light of a vineyard painting.
  • The ideal way to showcase your passion for the grape's journey from vine to wine.

A Toast to Nature: For those who cherish the natural beauty of a vineyard and the promise of a new vintage, this sticker is like a toast to the senses. It’s a small piece of the winemaking world, a portable feast for the eyes that reminds us of nature's gifts and life's simple pleasures